Why buy smart speakers?

Smart speakers may seem novel at first glance, but digging deeper, you will find some really useful features:

BK-T2107D High quality Sound equipment.jpg

Hands-free control: This is useful if you are cooking, working, or hurriedly dragging yourself into the house.

Grouping: With some work in the accompanying application, you can open and close multiple products with a single command. For example, "Google, I'm at home" can be used to turn on lights, TVs, and heaters.

Monitoring: "How long is it until dinner?" Can be connected to the oven to provide information. "What should I cook tonight?" You can check the expiration date in the refrigerator and recommend a meal based on the food that is about to expire. Combine the two together, and your system can download a recipe and talk to you (depending on the availability of the app).

They can also expand the potential of products from the same manufacturer:

Sonos: Provides multi-room support for its speakers, allowing you to use a single smart speaker to freely manipulate music throughout the home.

Google: You can add voice commands to the product without a microphone. An example is Chromecast/Chromecast audio. Once connected to the same network, you can use voice control to operate them through the smart speaker, which is very convenient.

In addition, smart speakers and home automation are a very interesting topic, and can argue with people when no one is at home.